Mind Body Green 10/31/2015


The Pill Almost Ruined My Marriage. Here's What I Wish More Women Knew About Hormonal Birth Control

Author, Holly Grigg-Spall, shares why she got off the pill and started using daysy.

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GreenMedinfo 10/27/2015


Natural Birth Control as Effective as the Pill

With evidence mounting of the adverse effects of the birth control pill and hormonal contraceptives, women are ditching the drugs in droves and searching for a natural alternative that can equal the pill in effectiveness and convenience.

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December 2014

Women's Health 12/16/2014


Can a Thermometer Replace Your Birth Control?

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November 2014

TCM Gynecology 12/16/2014


Cycle Monitor Daisy increases the chances of getting pregnant.

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June 2014

Persönlich.com 06/30/2014


Daysy ist da!

App geht die Post für den neuesten Zykluscomputer des Marktführers Valley Electronics AG in der Schweiz

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